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Inspiring hope. Creating change.

The Pioneers Project CIC is a community organisation that specialises in youth work practice but aspires to reach whole communities rather than just one part.

Our aspiration is to empower communities to influence positive change where they live, helping individuals to feel like they belong in the process.

We're also passionate about supporting individuals who may find themselves on the margins of society and we do this through our coaching pastoral care programme, Change A Life. We work with local schools to identify young people who may benefit from this intervention and ensure that the participant in heard throughout.

On these pages, you can learn about us and what we do and if you feel inspired to join our adventure, please get in touch.

Empowering pioneering young people to change our world

Young people are the present and the future. The hope and the life. The changemakers who can shape a world that needs creativity, inspiration and fresh thinking.

At The Pioneers Project we want to stand alongside young people and journey with them as they bid to change something in this world that really bugs them. Guidance not interference. Faith in them, not judgement on them.

The Pioneers Project has been set up in response to a growing need for young people to have a voice and to share their vision of the future. The project is built upon a social action approach to practice that puts young people at the roots of all we do and allows them the opportunity to flourish and grow through nurture and patience.

The Pioneers Project is a group of youth workers who work in community settings settings where young people live, where they have relationships and connections, where they have passion for their community to be the best it can be. We help these young people find a sense of belonging.

We want to start a movement of change with young people firmly at the heart. And we want you to join us. Help us. Support us. In whatever way you can. Be a part of a revolution. Be a part of something that can change your life and the lives of others. Be a pioneer.

If you are inspired to join us, please visit our Get in touch page to see how you can make contact and start an incredible journey together.